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Laura is a clinical psychologist who has been in practice for over 15 years. Throughout her career, she has studied how to make families more resilient in the face of stressors and life challenges, such as physical and emotional health problems.


Her passion is helping couples reconnect and develop a strong foundation from which they can take on any challenge.  She specializes in using emotionally focused couples therapy to provide proven tools to help couples stop hurting each other and become a team again.


She is the co-owner of Wellness Collaborative and owner of Heights Couples Therapy.

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Brittany Burch, LCSW-S, LCDC

Brittany Burch is a certified Emotionally Focused Therpist, certified in EMDR, and the owner of Autumn Counseling, Inc. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a master's degree in social work. 


Brittany moved to Houston for her fellowship at the Menninger Clinic, before moving on to the Montrose Center for about a decades worth of work and life experience after which she was more than ready to launch her own practice. 

Autumn Counseling specializes in EFT, EMDR and psychodynamic psychotherapy.  

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Charisse Ferrer, M.Ed, LPC

Charisse Ferrer is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with a Certification in EFT. Her counseling style lets you know that she is right there alongside you, guiding you through some of your toughest emotional and mental roadblocks. She hopes to help you, not only with your daily stressors but to help you create lasting, meaningful change and successful ways of communicating.

She believes that in the process of repairing things that have been broken, you can create something stronger, more beautiful, and more resilient. She is a strong advocate for mental health care for all and works hard to reduce barriers to accessing therapy. 


She is the owner of  Bridge + Haven Counseling and provides online counseling to couples and individuals all over Texas.


Waitlist Registration Now Open

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