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Why Consider Couples Intensive Therapy?

Traditional therapy is great but unpacking the complexity of your lives in short 75-minute weekly meetings can be difficult.  These are big things we're talking about, it can take time to build up the comfort with the space and parties to open up.  And even comfort aside, who wants to go back to work to get in the school pickup line with puffy-I-just-cried-eyes?


Intensives solve this problem. We have time to relax, settle in, and really get to work on the knots tangling your connection. While we do take breaks, there’s no need to catch up or plan the next session which often takes time at the beginning and end of weekly sessions. 

Intensives might be right for you if...

Loving Couple
  • If you are ready to make changes in your relationship and put in the work. 

  • If you are in crisis – but both partners want to try to make it work.

  • If you just can’t make weekly counseling work with demanding schedules and/or the childcare shuffle.

  • If you are currently in couples therapy with another therapist and want an immersive, intensive booster shot. (To build on your previous work, Dr. Spiller will get your permission to speak with your current therapist.)

  • If for some reason you are coming from out of town, such as:

    • If you don’t have a local EFT therapist in your area.

    • You are a therapist and prefer the anonymity of doing therapy off your home turf.

  • If you would like to get away AND have more time and space to work on restoring your relationship.

Intensives might NOT be right for you if...

  • Dr. Spiller frequently works with affair recovery, but when a partner is in an ongoing affair, intensives are contra-indicated.

  • Couples with active domestic violence, particularly where there are behaviors such as Hitting, Insulting, Threatening Physical Harm and Screaming and other dangerous and/or intimidating behaviors (beyond the angry yelling that many couples experience in their negative cycles or arguments) may not be appropriate for this format.

  • Couples who for whatever reason cannot be together for extended time in a productive manner will find it difficult to benefit from an intensive.  

  • Couples who are not ready to make significant or rapid changes in their relationship. The slower pace of regular weekly couple therapy allows each partner to process their experiences at their own, more gradual pace.

Romantic Couple
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